Are You Ready For Anything?

Jim C., Afghan Vet & Survivalist

Welcome to Survivalist HQ! Our mission is to provide the simplest, most direct, highly actionable advice available to the greatest number of people possible. Here you'll find advice for Everyday Carry, Get Home Bags, Bug Out Bags, Firearms, Food Storage, and Homesteading. We believe that the more people we can prepare the better our world will be when SHTF. We've worked to keep our site clean and free of ads and mailing list pop-ups to make it the best experience for you while you make what may one day become life saving decisions.


Here you'll find easy to follow tutorials on the top skills you should be honing every day, and gear reviews based on a simple formula:

  • Our best recommendation based on a balance of price and quality.
  • Our top budget friendly recommendation that still absolutely meets your survival needs.
  • Recommendations for differing needs. For example, concealed carry pistols sized appropriately for women's frames.

That's it. We've tried to narrow down our recommendations to just the very best of the very best. As preppers ourselves, we know it can be overwhelming to read through dozens of survival knife, bug out bag, or pistol reviews when you really just need to take action. Instead, we've brought the community together to pass that wisdom along. You can just get prepared quickly and efficiently.

Please take a look at our main preparation tutorials and gear recommendations:

Everyday Carry

  • Personal protection necessities
  • Things you'll use often
  • Critical tools

Get Home Gear

  • For hiking home
  • Food, water, & tools
  • Protection from the elements & others

Bug Out Bag

  • 72+ hours
  • Fire, food & water
  • Navigate & communicate